Season 5 Episode 3: Speaking Truth to Power featuring Daphne E. Jones CEO/Founder the Board Curators

Grant McGaugh . S5E3 . 47:26

Mind Set, Tool Set, and Skill Set position you to be impactful says my next guest Daphne E. Jones.

 She utilizes all three game-changing ideas to stand out and overcome the thought that you are not good enough to succeed in your chosen field. 

Jones empowers the underserved, undervalued, and overlooked by not listening to people who put limits and labels on you. 

She is a head, heart, and gut leader who asks “Do you know the business” “Are you strategic?” “How much do you care, and do you have empathy and compassion?” 

Challenging the status quo with emotional intelligence and intellectual curiosity by making the complex simple Jones values unique experiences and perspectives to help her community grow. 

 Speak in the language of the audience that you are influencing to create alignment then you Win!  says Daphne E Jones.

 Learn, Do, and Transform each position on your path to change your business or career outcome.

 Daphne E. Jones is a seasoned executive with extensive experience implementing digital technologies to drive market growth, seamless customer fulfillment & internal efficiencies within Fortune 50 corporations.

 She has over thirty years of experience in general management and executive-level roles at IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Hospira (now Pfizer), and General Electric. 

During her tenure at GE, she served as SVP for Future of Work, SVP & CIO. 

She co-led a global team that defined GE’s digital DNA and ran IT for $13B GE Healthcare businesses pf Product Engineering, Imaging, Ultrasound, and Post Market Product Services. Before GE Healthcare, her early career days were spent at IBM and Johnson & Johnson as executive Director, and VP of IT followed by her role as SVP & CIO at Hospira, Inc, a $5B global pharma & infusion technology company.

 At Hospira, she led all aspects of Hospira’s enterprise, infrastructure, cyber, digital & analytics technology. 

Her latter career days were spent innovating with predictive maintenance, design for additive & other advanced technologies to help the business differentiate and win in the market.

  Daphne serves on the board of directors for AMN Healthcare, Inc., Barnes Group Inc, and Masonite International Corp and is on the audit, compensation & governance committees.

 Named by Savoy Magazine, as one of the most influential AA Directors in 2021, she is a member of NACD, Accenture Cybersecurity Council, the digital director’s network (DDN), and the Executive Leadership Council (ELC). 

She is the CEO/Founder of the Board Curators – a company that prepares senior leaders for paid board service at and is launching her book in Fall 2022 from McGraw-Hill entitles “ Win When They Say You Won’t” 

Her thought leadership & experience make her a sought-after speaker on digital, DEI board development, and personal transformation.

 Daphne earned her MBA and BS from Illinois State University. 

Let us Welcome Daphne E. Jones to the Follow the Brand Podcast where we are building a 5 STAR Brand that You Can follow!

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