Season 5 Episode 1 Special Edition Forever AI featuring Ean Mikale Principal Engineer at Infinite 8 Industries, Inc. (I8I)

Grant McGaugh . S5E1 . 43:00

Hello and welcome to another episode on the Follow the Brand Podcast today; we have a special edition on technology innovation featuring Ean Mikale. Did you know artificial intelligence machines have an IQ of 10000 while the most intelligent human has an IQ of about 150?  Ean Mikale does!

Mikale is an author, speaker, inventor, and found of Infinite 8 Institute.  A Specialist in medical imaging, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and blockchain technology.  Mentored at a young age and started public speaking through the National Mentoring partnership. He shared the stage with well-known personalities like Hill Harper and Opray Winfrey.

Ean follows the eight principles of his company Infinite 8 Institute

Self-responsibility, self-discipline, persistence, foresight, humility, fearlessness, character, and Excellence. 

 Constantly bettering yourself, accepting failure as something positive, and failing forward are his Mottos.  Mikale was the 1st person to train the IBM Watson supercomputer on artificial intelligence on how to recognize human emotion. 

Ean says creating with an entrepreneurial mindset will make tech business ownership a priority and turn our ideas into assets.  

Ean Mikale has partnered with and consulted organizations, such as IBM, Oracle, Bain & Company, McKinsey, Nvidia, and Amazon, and brings deep expertise in AI and Healthcare Technology. He regularly provides market evaluations for global expert networks, with clientele including Big Three Consulting firms, Fortune 100 Firms, Venture Capital Groups, and others. Ean has served as the Principal Investigator and Sponsor of Pre-clinical and Clinical Trials for cutting-edge technologies in the Life Sciences. Additionally, Ean sits on the Board of Advisors as a share-holder of a Telehealth Company, is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Trustees, and has managed budgets as high as $1M for the development of human and machine resources for Life Science applications. Ean co-facilitates healthcare-related coursework at MIT on Robotics and Digital Transformation in partnership with Emeritus.

 • Led Clinical Trials as the Principal Investigator for Covid-19 Artificial Intelligence Screening Technology. Led projects from creativity, research and development, deployment, bench-testing, pre-clinical, clinical trials, and submission of the Technology for FDA Emergency Use Authorization. Was in charge of all aspects, including the budget, operations, and IT Support.
• Led Pre-clinical research, budgeting, and financing, of cutting-edge breast cancer screening technology.
• Led Pre-clinical research with Ivy League Institution on Pain Management Technology using Artificial Intelligence.
• Led the development of a Medical Blockchain application, including operations, budgeting, and talent management.
• Led development of the World’s First A.I. Physician, capable of rapidly screening for 77 human conditions remotely. 
• Led Pre-clinical research with Kansas City Royals, using proprietary Emotional Artificial Intelligence to show correlations between player emotional and psychological states and on-the-field performance. 
• Led Pre-clinical research regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence to screen for 50 strains of Medical Cannabis, including Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indicas, for clinical applications post-Federal regulatory approval.
• Led Pre-clinical research with Self-learning Artificial Intelligence for using Self-learning Artificial Intelligence in the Medical Field.

Let us welcome Ean Mikale to the Follow The Brand Podcast, Where we are building a 5 STAR Brand That You Can Follow!

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