Season 4 Episode 9: Follow the Money featuring Susan Howell, The Money Maestra & Owner of KEES Consulting Miami.

Grant McGaugh . S4E9 . 43:41

Money is entangled in everything we do.  Are you in control of your money, or is money in control of you? The flow of Money creates a narrative for you to take charge of your finances, not the reverse. Money has that power if we let it have power over us.

Expert financial coach Susan Howell wants you to live unburdened by creating economic space with effective budgeting techniques. Budgeting is the building block of financial wellness and can relieve you of debt, back taxes, and the inability to get loans.  Budgeting is your map to keep track and create knowledge and financial security. 

Financial discipline and budget get bad names; however, to break the cycle of debt, Howell advises her clients to take a responsible approach to personal finance. Financial responsibility equals financial freedom.

Susan Howell is a great communicator and an expert in her field and very authentic when advising that you need to be willing to change your mindset to get on the path to get financial freedom. She helps you to change your perspective and emotions about finances as she helps to reframe your perceptions about money. 

Get to a better place with your money story with transformative coaching! Says Susan Howell  

She retired at 50 as a Senior Special Agent with The Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General.  Susan worked for the Federal government for 26 years- with both the IRS and the DOJ- with 22 years as a Federal Agent. During her career, Susan investigated many financial-related crimes. 

Susan grew up without money and was determined to change her life.

Susan realized that financial literacy and responsibility were not being taught in the school system or society in general and felt a great passion for making a positive impact in the world of money matters.

Susan created Money Maestra, which translates to “Money Teacher,” to help people get on the path to financial wellness and economic freedom. Susan has individual and couples’ clients, gives workshops, makes presentations, and speaks at events. 

Let us welcome Susan Howell to the Follow The Brand Podcast, where we are building a 5 STAR Brand you Can Follow!

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