Season 4 Episode 8: Man on a Mission Featuring Kevin Cadette CEO Executive Director at Black Angels Miami

Grant McGaugh . S4E8 . 34:12

“Relationships are not transactional” is a mantra you will hear again and again from Kevin Cadette, Executive Director for Black Angels Miami. London-born startup industry veteran and technology leader who is determined to change the landscape of tech and investing in Miami. His organization, Black Angels Miami, aims to connect black investors to promising minority-owned startups.

“We need to be better represented in the financial community and get introductions to people interested in your success.”  Says Cadette. 

Kevin is excited to work with start-ups and works with minority group entrepreneurs who lack the experience needed to get funded for their projects.  He will help you get in front of the right people at the right time by understanding the strategic investment strategies of venture capitalists.  He knows how to ask for the right kind of money with an understanding of your business model, use of funds, and the challenges you are trying to solve.

Kevin and the superbly talented team at Black Angels Miami are here to fulfill their mission of connecting minority-and women-owned startups with black investors. They are currently focusing their efforts on matching tech startups with venture capitalists. “Tech comes into play because it can readily scale,” says Kevin. This means that investors partnering with Black Angels Miami seek truly ambitious startup ideas. Beyond local, candidates must have their sights on having a global reach.

Let us welcome Kevin Cadette to the Follow The Brand Podcast, Where we are building a 5 STAR Brand that you can follow!

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