Season 4 Episode 2: Mastering the Fundamentals featuring Walter Bond Hall of Fame Motivational Speaker

Grant McGaugh . S4E2 . 42:51

If you have the right habits and rituals you will have greater access to money which is a powerful resource.

 Walter Bond says he decided to become the best in the world at what he does so that money would not be an issue.

 Are you willing to Become? To put in the commitment.   To get to work at becoming elite at what you do?   Bond is driven by becoming elite at being the best motivational speaker in the world.   He says that a very disciplined person with good habits and rituals will make you a millionaire. 

Successful people are intentional about their habits.  If you want to become something special, you must create solid rituals.   Rituals connected to the desired outcome will make you a professional.

 “Discover your Gift! Develop your Gift! Then Position your Gift” says Walter Bond.

 Stop focusing on what is wrong with you and start focusing on what’s right with you and make it stronger.   You must be willing to put in the time and effort to become elite.  Each time you engage your customers or clients you have got to get the “A” to improve your service, product, or brand.

 Mastering the fundamentals with the excellence of becoming elite is what drives Walter Bond.

 When Walter steps onto the stage, you can’t miss him.   It could be because he’s 6’5 and stands out in a crowd, but it could also be because on the stage is where he feels at home.

 As a nationally recognized public speaker, he commands the stage. He makes the entire audience, whether it’s a small board room or a large conference venue, feel seen.  People walk out of Walter’s talks changed, motivated, and inspired.  His principles are simple but powerful, his delivery is smooth, and he combines humor, tough love, and experience in a way that changes people.

 Walter’s third and most recently released book Swim!, has picked up speed since its debut in July, and has become a staple for business people and students across the country.  His easy-to-read professional development book combines lovable characters, relatable life lessons, and hard truths that help readers understand the power of leadership, mentoring, and next-level success. 

Walter travels the country speaking, coaching, teaching, and inspiring companies across a wide range of industries, from financial services to agriculture and franchising to real estate and many more in between. 

At any given time, you can find Walter leading a mastermind class, offering one on one professional development, hosting book talks, and coaching hungry business leaders and entrepreneurs towards success. 

While many know Walter Bond as a former NBA player, more and more people know Walter as a passionate and motivated speaker, author, and business coach with one goal: to help people see their full potential. 

 Walter graduated from the University of Minnesota and has been married to his wife and business partner Antoinette for nearly 30 years.  They have three adult children.

 Let’s welcome Walter Bond to the Follow The Brand Podcast where we are building a 5 STAR Brand that You can follow! 

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