Season 4 Episode 13: Changing the Narrative with Ruby Wesley and Jeniece McClary Financial Advisors with Northwestern Mutual

Grant McGaugh . S4E13 . 32:16

Does an MBA prepare you to be an expert in personal finance?  What is the true cost of procrastination when it comes to growing your finances?  What is the generational wealth you are leaving to your kids and grandkids?  

Ruby Wesley and Jeniece McClary use wealth accumulation strategies backed by trust, Education, and industry certifications to strengthen your financial house.

Let’s get excited and develop the mindset to deliver financial wellness with a great advisory team.  

Jeniece McClary s a successful business owner offering advisory, brokerage, and financial planning services to create and sustain multi-generational wealth for families and businesses.

She enjoys partnering with clients to ensure their vision and action plans align and is passionate about serving her community.

Throughout her long-standing career, Jeniece has been a trusted advisor, mentor, and advocate for over 100+ small businesses.   Jeniece is a native New Yorker, a wife, mom of four, and grandmother.  Whether hanging out locally near her home in Summit, NJ, or traveling to new places, faith and family is everything to her, and every client is a part of her extended Tribe.  

Ruby Wesley graduated from Rutgers University in NJ where she majored in Economics. She started her career in financial reporting and later went on to launch an award-winning dessert business. Her entrepreneurship journeys garnered several accolades and years of experience which she reinvested into her peers and fellow business owners through mentorship and various leadership positions.

She brought her drive and entrepreneurial passion to Northwestern Mutual, understanding that helping people build brighter futures, starts by building strong relationships.

Her goal: Empowering women of color to achieve financial security and peace of

mind. The best part of my job is helping women gain clarity and organization around

their financial surplus. After developing an understanding of who they are and what they want, my team and I work tirelessly to provide a clear vision with a tax-efficient Financial Plan that evolves with them.

When not at work, you may find Ruby at home baking cupcakes or watching Disney movies with her daughter “Princess” Lea.

Let’s Welcome Ruby and Janiece to the Follow the Brand Podcast where we are building a 5 STAR Brand that People will Follow!

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