Season 4 Episode 12: Crypto and the Digital Frontier featuring Mike Lingle Founder of Rocket Pro Forma

Grant McGaugh . S4E12 . 45:03

Is the Cryptocurrency world all speculation or is it the future of money?
I advise you to force yourself to understand the new economy of this century. You will need to know how to acquire new business on a new playing field called the Metaverse. Have you strategized your service or product distribution model in the virtual world of Web 3.0?

Programmable money in the form of NFTs and security tokens offers a unique moment in financial history. You can now self-fund your start business through NFTs in the Blockchain world.

Early adopters of technology are creating securities tokens with  “ Real” real estate assets.  Fractionalized real estate ownership or specific real estate rights through security tokenization is a new frontier. You will be able to rapidly Integrate, Authenticate and Authorize real-world transactions for Web, Mobile, and Legacy Applications. API Security Solutions Built for Developers and trusted by Global Enterprises.

Mike Lingle is the CFO of Security Token Market (, where he focuses on the coming wave of digital asset securities. He founded Rocket Pro Forma ( to help startups quickly create financial projections. Mike is a former software developer who’s raised venture capital, launched more than one presentation company, had an exit, and ran several startup accelerator programs. He’s an entrepreneur in residence at Founder Institute.

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