Season 4 Episode 1: Entrepreneurial Pursuits Featuring Dr Eric Kelly CEO of Black Business Expo USA

Grant McGaugh . S4E1 . 51:01

Dr. Eric A.W. Kelly III is an acclaimed business leader, entrepreneur, artist, author, poet, and community activist who lives in Durham, North Carolina.  Born in Washington, DC, Dr. Eric Kelly III is the CEO of the Black Business Expo USA for more than 40 years.   The Black Business Expo USA is one of the largest business showcases in the history of Black America in North America! 

Dr. Kelly is also the founder of The Black Business Olympics, one the largest virtual global business showcasing events for Black Businesses Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Thought Leaders. Last year the Black Business Virtual Olympics showcased its 145 speakers to over 600,000 attendees during their quarterly Black Business Expo events.  BBO’s mission is to raise scholarships and laptops for high school students going to college.  This year the Black Business Olympics plans to empower business by doing six events, one every other month.  Jan. 17-23, March 21-27, May 16-22, July 18-24, Sept 19-25, and Nov. 14-20th.  

Kelly’s purpose for the Black Business Expo is to raise scholarships for students graduating from High school to attend college.   Kelly has awarded more than twenty-five deserving students laptop computers and scholarship funds for over 30 years. The event’s success opened the door for him to become a widely respected host of local Radio & Television Shows.  

Kelly has since produced such notable on-air shows as The James Stephens III Comedy Show, Business Worldwide, Games People Play, Young Gifted and Facts, and The Man on the Spot, as well as launched the North Carolina Central University Sports Network.  Additionally, Kelly has used his media platforms to work with young people on how to be a part of the television and radio industry; provided training for students requiring communication skills to succeed in Radio & TV; shared his knowledge with students on how to create Radio and TV shows, along with, provided scholarships for high school students pursuing college.  

Dr. Kelly is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions including the Standard of Excellence Award for Corporate Trade Shows, Gold Award for Corporate Diversity and Inclusion, Southwestern Sales School Lifetime Master Salesman Award, and The Raleigh/Durham Minority Business and Development Center Award for Minority Advocate of the Year.  Kelly’s Photo Journalist career includes such clients as Black Enterprise Magazine, The Million Man March, Delta Airlines, The Urban Journal, Black Business Magazine, and The Carolina Times. He is the author of five DVDs and art books, Art Anthology Human Landscapes, Barack Obama -The Face of Change, Michael Jackson – The Man in the Mirror, Amazing Lights, Then, Color Spots, Cyclone, and On A Hot, Hot Day.  His Master Salesman book, The 8 Steps to the Road to the Sale, is the textbook used in the course he teaches at Durham Tech Community College. Dr. Eric Kelly III is a widely sought-after speaker for conferences, corporate workshops, and school events to promote self-esteem, business strategies, art, and entrepreneurship.  His dedication to Community Engagement and Service is unwavering as he often mentors minority business owners on business strategies, business plan writing, sales winning methods, and other key elements vital for entrepreneurs.  Kelly also contributes his time and energy volunteering to help local businesses and nonprofits organizations with their branding, advertising, public relations, marketing, and revenue-generating initiatives.

Let’s Welcome Dr. Kelly to the Follow The Brand Podcast Where We are Building a 5 TSAR Brand That You Can Follow!

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