Season 3 Episode:6 What is My Super Power? featuring Carladenise Edwards Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer at Henry Ford Health System

Grant McGaugh . S3E6 . 43:12

Welcome to the Follow The Brand podcast, Where we are building a 5 STAR Brand that You can Follow! I am your host Grant McGaugh bringing you one of the brightest minds in healthcare today, Carladenise Edwards. She was called to healthcare to have an impact. Challenges are exponentially greater today for the industry, and a decision must be made on investing in our future today.

Knowledge is power, and we must learn from each other and understand the confluence of politics and economics to create a better healthcare experience for all.  Bring value every day and build relationships with people willing to make the investments for our community.

Carladenise says her keys to success lie in the simplicity of Being Present, Don’t Quit, and strategically planning to solve problems.

Dr. Carladenise Armbrister Edwards is approaching thirty years of professional experience, from serving as an Assistant Dean at her alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, to serving as a government official leading strategy for Providence St. Joseph Health, a $24B health care company. She is a seasoned executive who loves taking on new challenges and solving complex problems. At the height of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Carladenise began a new chapter that draws on her training and experience as a medical sociologist, business development guru, and avid student of the healthcare economy. 

 Her desire to serve led her to the role of executive vice president and chief strategy officer at Henry Ford Health System in July 2020, where she is responsible for providing executive counsel and leadership for the system’s strategic planning efforts and partnership ventures, business development, and transformation initiatives, government affairs, as well as Henry Ford Innovations, the health system’s multi-disciplinary team responsible for product design and commercialization, technology transfer, licensing agreements and international programs. Before joining Henry Ford Health System, Carladenise served as EVP of Strategy at Providence St. Joseph Health, where she was promoted from Chief Administrative Officer for Population Health to SVP of Contracting to Chief Strategy Officer.

 Giving back to the community is a top priority of Dr. Edwards, who has started two endowed scholarships for African-American students, one at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing and the other at Johnson C. Smith University.  She serves on several non-profit boards, including Heluna Health, College Success Foundation, American Board of Internal Medicine, Rand Health, e-Health Initiative, and Connect 313. She has a long history of serving as a strategic advisor to start-ups, technology, and healthcare companies, currently serving as an advisor to Apatics and Parsley Health. 

 As a military brat, Carladenise imagined settling down in one place, but the universe had different plans. She graduated from high school in San Diego, CA, then received her BA and MS.Ed from the University of Pennsylvania, followed by a trip down south to Gator country, where she received her Ph.D. from the University of Florida. She studied neuroscience at the University of Leuven in Belgium and gerontology at the University of California Los Angeles and has worked in Florida, Georgia, California, Washington, and now Michigan. She lives with her husband, Herman Edwards, and two teenage children, William (18) and Zora (16), who have embraced traveling, learning and growing in the same vein as their mother.

Let’s Welcome Carladenise Edwards to the Follow the Brand Podcast!

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