Season 3 Episode 15: The Great Reinvention featuring Debra Olshan Cooper, Founder of Your Career DesignLab

Grant McGaugh . S3E15 . 34:27

After 30 years of telling stories, Debra Olshan Cooper discovered a disconnect in which kids coming out of college have a gap in the job market. 

 She realized that collegiate professionals are stumbling when it comes to knowing how to pitch themselves and advocate for themselves for career advancement. 

  Young professionals today need collaboration, cooperation, and a need to be valued says, Debra. 

 Interviews today are conversations, and we must be able to bring new value when engaging with potential employers and clients.

  Debra helps her clients to tune into their true selves and build confidence through their own real-life stories. 

  Her program takes you from soup to nuts and helps you to land your dream career.

 Debra Olshan Cooper is the founder of YourCareerDesignLab  (

 A Premiere career coaching firm specializing in architecture, designing, and curating each individual’s career goals by crafting, telling, and selling an individual’s story, training on how to articulate the story, career strategies, and networking opportunities to walk through the career minefields and into your dream career.

 For 30 years Debra has been an entrepreneur and CEO of two highly successful public relations and marketing firms, Real Life Communications and Marketing in New York City responsible for introducing fashion, beauty and luxury products to the marketplace and FreshConnect Solutions bringing online solutions and marketing strategies to businesses, retail firms, hospitality ,food and beverage, hotels to name a few of the companies that have been become well-known brands.

 Olshan-Cooper has been responsible for placing her clients in numerous national publications including New York Times, New York Post, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times and Huffington Post to name a few.

 In addition, many of her clients have appeared on CNN, CBS This Morning, Good Morning America and The View. Her background gives her young adults and adults alike the same ability to find their rightful place in their career spotlight.

 Olshan-Cooper is a graduate of New York University with a BA in communications and journalism. She is certified in Mindfulness and has garnered a certificate in advertising and marketing from New York University.

 Debra resides in South Florida with her husband. Her daughter is a business major at Montclair State University in New Jersey.

 Lets welcome Debra Olshan-Cooper to the Follow The Brand Podcast. Where We are Buliding a 5 STAR Brand That You Can Follow!

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