Season 2 Episode 8 Understand the Value of your Data featuring Dr. Alexis Perdereaux-Weekes

Grant McGaugh . S2E8 . 42:17

Hello Everyone, and Welcome to the Follow the Brand Podcast.  My question to you is, “ DO you understand the true value of your data?” As a recent Cisco study made clear, cybersecurity will help fuel (and protect) an estimated $5.3trillion in private sector digital Value at Stake in the next ten years. This is the kind of numbers boards cannot afford to overlook. Cybersecurity Is More Important Than Ever. Cyberattacks can impact an organization’s reputation, customer trust, stock price, and bottom line due to the cost of recovery.

My guest Dr. Alexis Perdereaux states that every organization will get hit with a cyberattack, so you must understand the fundamental security policies to mitigate and understand the risk.

Dr. Alexis is a Data Privacy champion who believes that everyone should own, control, and determine how their protected information is processed.  A senior Global Data Protection & Cybersecurity Risk Leader with over 20 years of proven experience in Information Technology, Risk Management, Data Protection, Audit & Governance, and Compliance Controls within both regulated and non-regulated organizations across a diverse industry, including Retail, Healthcare, Finance, Banking, Insurance, and local Government.  

A firm believer in the “Theory of Reciprocity,” Dr. Alexis regularly mentors and pays it forward through learning and speaking initiatives focusing on Data Privacy Protection, Regulatory Compliance governing the processing, disclosure, and management of consumer data.  

Dr. Perdereaux-Weekes is an associate research fellow and member of the Cybersecurity and Information Privacy Policy Committee with the Americas Institute for Cybersecurity Leadership (AICL), a non-partisan think tank focused on cybersecurity discourse relevant to North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean.   He is the immediate past president and member of the executive leadership board for the ISACA South Florida chapter and the Technology and Innovation Steering Committee of the National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE) South Florida chapter.  Project Management Committee OUR ADDI.  Member of International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and InfraGard (South Florida Chapter).

Dr. Perdereaux-Weekes holds a Master of Science degree in Information Security from Nova Southeastern University, an Executive Doctorate in Business Administration with a focus in Information Security from St. Thomas University.

Let’s Welcome, Dr. Alexis, to the Follow the Brand Podcast, where we are building a 5 STAR Brand that you can follow!

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