Season 2 Episode 6: Technology Healthcare and Empathy with Harley Ortiz, Associate Director of Network Engineering and Operations at Jackson Health System

Grant McGaugh . S2E6 . 47:59

Welcome to the Follow The Brand Podcast.  I am your host Grant McGaugh CEO of 5 STAR BDM. Today’s guest is a career Information technology professional with a keen focus on the healthcare field.  He uses his empathy and drive to bring innovative solutions to life to enable positive outcomes for the patients and employees he serves.

Harley got his start by taking advice from his relative’s friend to pursue a career in technology.  He would work in a doctor’s office working on computers at night and attend school during the day to get his bachelor’s degree from Florida Atlantic University and later a Masters’s Degree. 

Once he got into a leadership role, he saw the path to success.  As the manager for network engineering and telecom for a large institution he learned time management, further enhanced his people skills, and began to truly develop his management style. 

As the Manager of Network Engineering and Telecom, he oversaw Network Engineering, Telecom, Audio Visual, Cabling Infrastructure, Digital Signage, and Mobility teams. After successfully managing these teams and winning service excellence awards and being recognized by his peers as a transformational leader encouraged him to pursue the next step as a director. 

Currently, he is the Associate Director of Network Engineering and Operations at Jackson Health System. In this role he is overseeing the operations, setting long term goals, budgeting, and driving the technology of his teams.

Harleys says you must have both a formal education degree and technical certifications to compete in today’s IT job market.  He believes the true value; that whatever we do will stem from the people. To drive technology, we need to drive the people behind it. Understand what motivates individuals, understand how to keep them engaged, and encourage them to begin their path. At the end of the day, Harley believes that if he has impacted one person in his life during his journey then he will feel accomplished.

Listen and enjoy our discussion as Harley details his love to see people succeed as he leverages technology to its full potential.  Harley Ortiz is putting himself in the future to become a Chief Technology Officer to not only drive technology but give a true focus and path for an organization.  

 Let’s welcome Harley Ortiz of the Follow The Brand Podcast here we are building a 5 STAR brand that you can follow!

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