Season 2 Episode 3: Andy Peak The Immersive Communicator

Grant McGaugh . S2E3 . 35:13

Hello everyone and welcome to the Follow The Brand Podcast show. I am your host, Grant McGaugh. Have you wondered how the world has evolved through covid with advanced communications and technology? Today we take you on a journey with a top major accounts executive who works with the largest provider of video conferencing solutions.  Andy Peak is in an explosive industry that is touching all of our lives. 

Andy Peak has been in the Audio/Visual industry for more than 20 years. He spent most of his career as an AV Integration Consultant and Sales Engineer. He has been with Logitech for a year and a half and has moved from territory rep to major accounts in that time frame due to Logitech’s explosive growth over the last two years, which shows no signs of slowing down. Logitech is singularly focused on bringing the best, socially responsible, and easy-to-use and deploys VC solutions to the marketplace to solve all scenarios for organizations. 

“From conference room solutions to work from home station products, Logitech is constantly developing new products and bringing them to market to solve the “Hybrid Delima” most organizations are frantically working to solve. VC has opened up the marketplace in a way never before seen. You can work from anywhere with seamless and easy-to-use technology products to make your team more effective and efficient and allow organizations to tap into a talent pool that is national or global, not just candidates in their backyard. Moreover, we are seeing a mass influx of organizations relocating to states like TX and FL that have no State Tax adding more profitability to their respective companies I’ve been in this industry long enough to see it go through various changes and evolutions. The diametric shift we are seeing in AV and Virtual Communications as a whole is by far the most fast-moving, dramatic, and exciting time I’ve ever seen in this industry. The flood of innovation that has emerged from the post-COVID world has truly been remarkable and I believe will have a permanent impact on the way business is done moving forward. The world just got a lot smaller and more connected.” – Andy Peak  

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