Season 2 Episode 15: A Discourse in Business Development featuring Daniela Gilet, Data Scientist/Podcast Producer and Grant McGaugh, Business Advisor

Grant McGaugh . S2E15 . 56:24

Happy Holidays and HAPPY New Year!!!  I am your host Grant McGaugh of the Follow The Brand podcast.  We have had a fantastic year in our inaugural launch since June 2021.  I want to thank all of my guests who took the time to appear and share meaningful insights on personal branding and business development.  

We developed Season 2 to empower our audience by listening to industry experts share knowledge, experiences, and opportunities to advance their careers and business.  Leadership Coaching and confidence can be had by taking the time to invest in your professional growth.  I encourage you to seek out professionals who understand your career and can help you to the next phase of your life.   Remember, it is never too late to make a change in your career. Position yourself by acquiring the skillsets that fill the requirements for achievement.

In this recap episode, my podcast producer Daniela Gilet and I recap what we learned from each show.  Some guests tell a story of resilience, overcoming the odds in the face of significant challenges. At the same time, others give direction as a trusted advisor. 

The series is designed for Working Professionals. Without building reciprocal solid business relationships, it cannot be easy to reach your goals.  That’s why we encourage business development strategies to advise you through the pitfalls that come along the path to success. 

Whether you’re starting a new business, career or struggling to grow your existing one, a business development strategy can be a great idea. Strategic planning is at the core of business development services from our show sponsor, 5 STAR BDM.

Through the Follow The Brand Podcast, 5 STAR BDM creates long-term value focusing on differentiation as one of the crucial steps to growing your business or career. Thank you for listening, and remember, we are Building a 5 Star Brand That You Can Follow! 

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