S07 Brand Masters EP 13: Mastering Personal Branding: Insights on Appearance, Color, and Digital Presence with David McKnight

Grant McGaugh . 13 . 39:03

Looking to stand out in an increasingly competitive job market? Discover the power of personal branding with our special guest, David McKnight. With 15 years in the industry and a wealth of experience styling high-profile executives, David has the insights to help you differentiate yourself and build trust with prospective clients or employers.

David’s expertise doesn’t stop there. He lends his voice to the fascinating discussion on appearance and color in communication. We examine how men and women approach their visual messaging differently in professional contexts, and how a strategic use of color can help to convey authority or create a more relaxed atmosphere. Advice that promises to be equally insightful is David’s six-step framework for designing and promoting a personal brand. 

The modern world is digital, and a strong online presence is just as important as the impression you make in person. David breaks down the intricacies of crafting a compelling digital dossier, sharing his tips from an impactful LinkedIn profile to the right wardrobe. As we step into a post-COVID world with evolving norms around business attire, David guides us through navigating this transition wisely. Let’s get ready to redefine your brand and make a lasting impression, whether it’s online or offline.

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