S07 Brand Masters Episode 18: Unlocking Profitable Purpose with Abdul Muhammad II Founder, Chief Growth Officer MDM Ventures

Grant McGaugh . 18 . 42:40

Ready to challenge your conventional idea of profitability? Join us as we journey into the world of blending purpose with profit with Abdul Muhammad II, a tech and social media maverick with a compelling vision. Abdul takes us from the roots of his media tech company to his inspirational shift into the social impact sector. We explore the revolutionary trifecta X formula, the concept that bridges people, brand, and technology, and how it can unlock limitless opportunities.

Our exploration doesn’t stop at tech. We delve into how art can be harnessed to engage youth, build character, and transform communities. Abdul shares how his passion for music and art has shaped his vision for social impact and how the same can be used to uplift humanity. Education comes to the forefront as we focus on the Quality Life Center of Southwest Florida and its laudable mission to make education accessible for all, irrespective of economic situation.

As we wrap up, we discuss Abdul’s upcoming EP ‘Du-Haq’, a testament to the power of music and art in bringing about societal change. Abdul enlightens us about the importance of claiming ownership in the arts and entertainment industry as a tool to control the narrative. This episode is not just a conversation; it’s a rallying call for a balance of profitability and purpose, of business objectives and social impact. Don’t miss out on this transformative journey with Abdul Muhammad II.

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