S05 EP 20 Technology Innovation: AI and the Art of Writing: Navigating the Future with Scott Keyser, The Writing Guy

Grant McGaugh . 20 . 47:54

Looking for a glimpse into the future of writing? Join me, Grant McGaugh, and my esteemed guest, Scott Keyser, the Writing Guy, as we delve into how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the world of words. Together, we’ll uncover the significant impacts of AI on copywriting and storytelling, shedding light on its role in redefining content creation and target audience engagement. With his deep expertise and personal insights, Scott presents an intriguing vision of a future where AI amplifies the craft of writing and rethinks our perspectives.

Curious about the power of simplicity in language? Scott and I will delve into the ‘register’ in writing, emphasizing the potency of plain English. We’ll discuss AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard, exploring their quick content generation but also acknowledging their limitations in replicating the distinctive vibrancy of human conversation. We’ll discuss the crucial role of injecting personality into business writing and how humor and light-heartedness can serve as powerful reader magnets.

As we progress, we’ll consider how AI can challenge biases and encourage new interpretations of established data. Imagine AI breathing new life into age-old texts with fresh perspectives. We’ll also touch upon the transformative influence of personality in writing and the potential efficiency AI promises. Finally, we’ll reflect on the intrinsic power words hold and the deep impact of contextual storytelling. So, plug into the Follow the Brand Podcast, and let’s journey into the future of writing with Scott Keyser, the Writing Guy.

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