S03 Career Development Episode 18: Unlocking the Future of Healthcare: Franchella Jennett’s Game-Changing Insights

Grant McGaugh . 3 . 37:56

Join us on a fascinating exploration of the future of healthcare with our guest, Franchella Jennett. A veteran healthcare executive, Franchella offers invaluable insights into how technology and personal branding are reshaping the healthcare landscape. From value-based care models to the challenges of engaging millennials and Gen Z in healthcare, Franchella’s unique perspective makes this a must-listen for anyone interested in the interplay of health and technology.

Franchella doesn’t shy away from the big topics, sharing his thoughts on the transformative power of artificial intelligence and data science in patient data understanding. He also provides tips for a successful digital transformation project and offers advice on bridging the gap between provider and patient. Plus, Franchella breaks down the importance of engaging with leaders and mentors in the digital health space. This episode promises to be an enlightening journey as we delve into the future of healthcare.

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