S02 Business Development EP 19: Mastering the Art of Financial Well-Being in Healthcare with Kem Tolliver and Grant McGaugh

Grant McGaugh . 19 . 42:52

Are you ready to decode the intricate maze of healthcare management? Brace yourselves for an enlightening conversation with the remarkable Kim Toliver, a veteran in healthcare sector known for her expertise in revenue cycle management, practice management and software mapping. Having her on our episode today is beyond exciting as she takes us on an intriguing journey through the financial landscape of medical practices.

As we delve deeper into the conversation, we explore how policy changes are reshaping the healthcare industry and its impact on businesses. Joining our discussion is a seasoned healthcare consultant who provides profound insights on adopting a value-based care model. From creating tailor-made note templates for electronic health records to harnessing the power of value-based payment dashboards, she highlights the revolutionary role of technology in healthcare. As we navigate through these nuanced topics, we also touch upon the crucial role of advocacy in influencing legislation and understanding the unique needs of healthcare organizations.

Then, we shift our focus to the intriguing world of revenue cycle assessment. Kim unravels the methods her company employs in conducting these assessments and developing strategies to optimize revenue cycle operations. A vivid instance of their success is highlighted where her team’s strategic intervention led to significant cost savings and compliance for a healthcare organization. Kim also underscores the importance of keeping abreast with regulations and shares invaluable resources for healthcare professionals. Wrapping up this episode, we learn about Kim’s journey across the healthcare financial and compliance landscape, and how you can connect with her for more insights. Buckle up and get ready for a knowledge-packed episode that’s not to be missed!

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