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When I was working for a large Fortune 500 company in October 2019. My boss called me and without warning told me that 50 of my peers and I were being laid off. Suddenly faced with financial uncertainty I began to think about my next opportunity. While at a seminar, one of the attendees heard of my recent unemployed status and asked me if I was interested in representing his company on a commission basis as a business development manager. This was exactly the spark I needed to begin thinking how I could add value to companies that needed an account and brand manager but could not afford a full-time employee. I believe that there are many SMB companies that need to increase their reach in my local market of South Florida by hiring my team as a business development partner. I formed 5 STAR BDM in January 2020 with one client and it has quickly grown to 7 with 4 additional employees. Schedule your free one hour consultation and learn how we can help.
Download our capabilities presentation which highlights our skillsets. We have produced a comprehensive presentation with a strong focus on our business development and branding expertise. Click the capabilities presentation to view or fill the form below to download the file.

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